Do you like to swing ? Wonderful musical swings by design studio Daily tous les jours.

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All Ears On... Nicolas Luce
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The fifth episode of All Ears On… is all about Hamburg-based newcomer Nicolas Luce. Finn from KILIAN&FINN has met with him in an almost empty warehouse/recording studio in the warehouse district of Hamburg’s harbour. They are talking about Nicolas Luce’s musical influences, his upcoming EP with kaefes, Moodguard and KILIAN&FINN on Exposure Music, and his plans on conquering Hamburg’s club scene. All Ears on is recorded in 3D sound: put your headphones on and enjoy!

Source: SoundCloud / Soundry Creations

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Glitch robots, by Sonic Robots.


This time for real.

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Soundry Postcard #26 - Stormy Desk
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Sounds from a stormy desk… Listen with headphones.

Visit the world through the ears and eyes of someone else. Soundry’s postcard series collect snapshots of three dimensional sound from all over the globe, exploring what it means to be a curious listener in a new place and an eternal sonic tourist.

Bring your headphones :

Source: SoundCloud / Soundry Creations

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Machine _ Variation by Nicolas Bernier and Martin Messier. We saw them performing at Sonar Barcelona last june. That was intense.


3D Barbershop recording at Huckle the Barber
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Put your headphones on ! And get ready for your hair cut and beard trim (works even if you don’t have one). Whether you’re deeply interested in 3D sound or just heard about it, the shared a million times barbershop recording is probably the first audio example you would have come across. It is a good example indeed, but Soundry thought it’d be a lot more interesting to push things a little further and invite you to discover the amazing world of barbershops a little deeper. Chris, from Huckle the Barber in London, kindly invited us to discover the wonders of his barbershop he opened in 2012, where hair and beards aren’t just about beards and hair but also growing an inspiring project and community in the heart of Shoreditch. We had a great time, a great haircut, and we hope you enjoy this multidimensional sensorial experience too.

Source: SoundCloud / Soundry Creations

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Is there anything more beautiful than the sound of wind chimes ? Yes. These wind bells. 

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COS has teamed up with Dutch artists Lernert Engelberts and Sander Plug to introduce sonically the Autumn/Winter 2014

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Secrets - Episode 6 : at The Hotel
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Secrets is an audio show of anonymous audio secrets. Joanne Lam collects secrets in hopes of connecting strangers with strangers through the human voice.

We hope you enjoy this new episode !

Participate anonymously by submitting a secret using the form you will find on Joanne’s website !

We speak of secrets from the point of view of the teller or the keeper, but what of the listener? What about the one who hears the secret? What happens to him?

An expansion takes place, the hearer is made to feel human, alive; he feels as though the teller’s being were his own, and so experiences a change of being where that which is inside himself takes on the proportions of that which is outside himself.

- Mary Ruefle, Madness, Rack, and Honey

Source: SoundCloud / Soundry Creations

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Earmuffs (+headphones) f

theonescwandt about earmuffs (+headphones) :


We own several pairs of earmuffs. Some foldable, skinny, fat, pink, etc. 3M’s Optime 105 is the best. Rated at 105dBA, you can hear your heartbeat without even trying.  

With these and my other earmuffs, I like to take the guts of Sony’s MDR-V6 and build myself the best pair of isolate-everything headmuffs you can get.  The best noise canceling headphones don’t even come close to 105dBA because they leave the midrange open so you can still hear people’s voices (on purpose).  When I put headphones on, I don’t want to hear anything but what’s coming out of my headphones. What? I look like a crazy person wearing these? Sorry, I can’t hear you.

More things about sound and design on Soundry’s blog

Source: theonescwandt

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@SoundArtHannah explores…

Lina Lapelyte Hunky Bluff

Serpentine Park Nights 

Friday 29th August

It’s Friday night. A cue snakes across the park to the Serpentine Gallery, and around the corner to Smiljan Radić’s egg-like pavilion. We enter, and shuffle around the space. Looking down, we see a group of women, stock still, waiting below us in the half-light.


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Working on ideas for a new #listening trip. From this #diagram of a #brainstorm you might guess what #sound we are planning on paying a visit to.

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Well, these domes are amazing to explore sound in three dimensions. Perhaps four ! Thanks again to @simonnejones for leading us to them. Looking forward for more recording trips together and to sharing those on soundry soon ! (at Abhörstation Teufelsberg)

All sounds in this song by Kawehi were made using her own voice and this video is an exciting journey through it ! (the song, the voice and the cardboard) Superb.

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