Working on ideas for a new #listening trip. From this #diagram of a #brainstorm you might guess what #sound we are planning on paying a visit to.

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Well, these domes are amazing to explore sound in three dimensions. Perhaps four ! Thanks again to @simonnejones for leading us to them. Looking forward for more recording trips together and to sharing those on soundry soon ! (at Abhörstation Teufelsberg)

All sounds in this song by Kawehi were made using her own voice and this video is an exciting journey through it ! (the song, the voice and the cardboard) Superb.

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Dr Erin Pettit is studying the acoustics of glaciers to predict sea level rise.

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A wonderful animation by Katarzyna Kijek and Przemysław Adamski drawing sounds from the imagination and apartment of a character. Wonderful trumpet solo by Tomasz Stańko !

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@simonnejones taking us on an exploration of the acoustics of #teufelsberg. #sound bouncing forever in all directions inside the former spy station: an indescribable sensation of hearing yourself spying on yourself outside of you from inside the dome ;) (at teufelsberg)

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From attempting to reconstruct the sound of prehistoric animals to elaborating ways of communication with creatures on Europa (one of Jupiter’s moon) artist Marguerite Humeau stretches your ears and entire self to the mystery zones she’s so keen on exploring. Soundry went on a walk with Marguerite to ask a few questions and record a few sounds through her ears. This interview contains binaural sounds, please where headphones to immerse yourself fully into her amazing work :)

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Our friend Piu Piu has just released a tasty new track. Burn your ears and your mouth will follow ;)


hope you like this one 

Source: SoundCloud / piupiumusic

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Just came across this new video artist Zimoun and his studio have just uploaded. The more we listen to these constructions the more fascinating and human they become. More adventures on his website.

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Audio life forms by Andy Thomas. Really like the canary.


The soundscape instrument. These painted soundscapes by Barbara Bartos are ravishing.

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A beautiful mess of cables and individual notes from tiny music boxes. Musical Table by Kyouei design.

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Cloud Piano : tracking the movements of clouds to bring them onto the keyboard of a piano. Must be amazing to hear it play under different winds and skies. More information on designboom

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3D Sound Cloud

Today is a binaural wednesday ! Every two weeks Soundry shares with you a selection of three 3 dimensional sounds that we liked on Soundcloud. For those who wouldn’t be familiar with 3D sound, simply wear headphones and press play to enjoy the sensation we like to call ‘audioportation’. (we find the terms 3D and binaural quite unsexy, you ?) At soundry, we are very interested in the creative possibilities of 3Dsound. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if they are recordings and ideas you’d like to share with us !

Let’s start with a little dummy test ;)

And take your ears to the clouds on a hot air balloon…

… that may land by accident in the middle of a football pitch:

Many thanks to the recordists for sharing these great listening experiences and see you in 2 weeks for more ear travel !

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Very interesting project by Amplifon : create sound experiences in google maps !

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