It Makes Me - Nerds
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It Makes Me by Laura Morris is out and called ‘Nerds’. Put your headphones as Laura has been working with binaural sound for this new episode. Hope you enjoy it ! 

Laura Morris invites people to have conversations about a certain subject: a loved one, an imaginary twin, an old pair of tennis shoes. A snapshot of a relationship which defines us – or if it doesn’t define us, allows us to imagine what you look like while you’re doing the laundry, or walking to the grocery store, or dancing on the roof. It is an ongoing series of characters and personages real or slightly less than real.

Source: SoundCloud / Soundry Creations

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Walkman and woman

(via kindofbleu)

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Is technology making us better story tellers ?

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Tag Audio Loop # 1 - National Anthem
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'20th Century Fox theme' by Alfred Newman, with Miguel's Sony CFD-T20, Guarda Nacional Republicana headquarters, largo do carmo, Lisbon, Portugal.

We’re glad to bring to your ears artist Jean-Philippe Renoult’s Tag Audio Loops :

'I place a ghetto blaster in an urban space.
It plays prepared loops of music, mutations from different pop cultures. I record what happens when these loops are played in the landscape and, in the process, modify the soundscape. began in March 2012.’

Enjoy this first one and look out for the next episodes on Soundry :)

Source: SoundCloud / Soundry Creations

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Mega Toot. Analog amplifier accessory for the 1st generation iPad by Cwandt

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Boxing the ears : Tyson VS Van Gogh

We’re glad to share with you today the first item in a new collaboration with Paris based illustrator Nacho Petitcollot. The man has accepted to explore with ears, pencil and paper the many dimensions of the sense of hearing in a series called ‘Drawing Listening’. It will be published on Soundry bi-weekly ! We’re listening forward to it.

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Remember the times before the invention of the radar ? Artist Tim Bruniges plays with those fascinating concrete ears, also known as sound mirrors you would also find, for example, on the english coast.

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Do you like to swing ? Wonderful musical swings by design studio Daily tous les jours.

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All Ears On... Nicolas Luce
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The fifth episode of All Ears On… is all about Hamburg-based newcomer Nicolas Luce. Finn from KILIAN&FINN has met with him in an almost empty warehouse/recording studio in the warehouse district of Hamburg’s harbour. They are talking about Nicolas Luce’s musical influences, his upcoming EP with kaefes, Moodguard and KILIAN&FINN on Exposure Music, and his plans on conquering Hamburg’s club scene. All Ears on is recorded in 3D sound: put your headphones on and enjoy!

Source: SoundCloud / Soundry Creations

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Glitch robots, by Sonic Robots.


This time for real.

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Soundry Postcard #26 - Stormy Desk
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Sounds from a stormy desk… Listen with headphones.

Visit the world through the ears and eyes of someone else. Soundry’s postcard series collect snapshots of three dimensional sound from all over the globe, exploring what it means to be a curious listener in a new place and an eternal sonic tourist.

Bring your headphones :

Source: SoundCloud / Soundry Creations

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Machine _ Variation by Nicolas Bernier and Martin Messier. We saw them performing at Sonar Barcelona last june. That was intense.


3D Barbershop recording at Huckle the Barber
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Put your headphones on ! And get ready for your hair cut and beard trim (works even if you don’t have one). Whether you’re deeply interested in 3D sound or just heard about it, the shared a million times barbershop recording is probably the first audio example you would have come across. It is a good example indeed, but Soundry thought it’d be a lot more interesting to push things a little further and invite you to discover the amazing world of barbershops a little deeper. Chris, from Huckle the Barber in London, kindly invited us to discover the wonders of his barbershop he opened in 2012, where hair and beards aren’t just about beards and hair but also growing an inspiring project and community in the heart of Shoreditch. We had a great time, a great haircut, and we hope you enjoy this multidimensional sensorial experience too.

Source: SoundCloud / Soundry Creations

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Is there anything more beautiful than the sound of wind chimes ? Yes. These wind bells. 

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