Chinese medecine and the many details of listening

Listen back to thirty years of Art ! The Tate has just released online the full archive of Audio Arts Magazine

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The visitor is given a conductor’s stick, and the concert my begin. Now imagine this in your living room. That’s right. A conductor’s stick.

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A fabulous piece of sounds, panoramas and maps by Julie de Muer and the Radio Grenouille team, with whom you may google explore le cours Julien in Marseille at night ! Headphones and shoes on.

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This isn’t the first sound project involving beer we mention on the Soundry blog. Beer brands seems to have an inclination for sound and musicians for beer perhaps ! Here is a lovely series of glass organs and harps you can listened performed by Cold War Kids on Stella’s website.


Sound destinies

Old (primary) school mixing desk


Listening to plants growing at @farmlondon (at FARM:shop & cafe)

Look who’s had a happy sonic day with @LCC_students ! #boomboom #workshop Thanks to all the MA sound art students for an enriching day of listening and ‘technologying’ experimentations. (at London College of Communication)

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Frogs chorus

Frogs !

Source: SoundCloud / SALA

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Terminal 1

The new episode of Secrets by Joanne Lam is now available on Soundry !

Secrets is an audio show of anonymous audio secrets. Joanne collects secrets in hopes of connecting strangers with strangers through the human voice.

Don’t hesitate to participate by sharing this episode and submitting a secret using the form you will find on our website !

Source: / Soundry Creations

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